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They say “A man with a vision is always on a mission”.

The Founder of Pyramid Healthcare, Mr. Rakesh Thakker is a man always on the front with his gun loaded with innovation.

Mr. Thakker completed his Engineering in Electrical & then pursued MBA which he accomplished in Business management in the year of 2004.

He later joined physiotherapy manufacturing company in Ahmadabad as sales executive for 2 years and success touched his feet when he increased the company’s growth to 150%.
But that was not his level of satisfaction, He later joined France based company who was ICCU ventilator manufacturer & other surgical equipment and resumed his training in Paris for ICU ventilator. Continued his streak for 4 years as sales manager.
Life took a turn and he came back to the land of fortunes in 2008 and joined L&T, where he was welcomed as Business head in 2011.  He was looking after L&T ICCU & medical electronic equipment.
In the glorious year of 2011 He started Pyramid Healthcare with ICU ventilator, physiotherapy equipment slimming equipments & medical laser.
But this was not his level of satisfaction which rose to manufacturing slimming equipment & beauty laser equipments.
He has some feather in his cap which leads him to visit periodically to Dubai, china, Korea, Australia & japan….