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Most Powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG

CE / FDA Approved

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Bluecore Iris


A new way to look at Q-switched Nd:YAG.

Iris is the first smart Laser device to operate with a true 15Hz repetition rate, enabling highly efficient performance in treating pigmented lesion by safely destroying pigments only while minimizing the patient’s pain.

Top Hat Beam Profile

Using Bluecore’s ‘Super Hive Flat Lens’, Iris comes with a perfect top hat beam profile

Super Hive Flat Lens

Super Hive Flat Lens

Beam Profile

Beam Profile

Beam Profile (3D)

Beam Profile(3D)

Double Cooling System

Our globally patented double cooling system allows a continuously stable energy over a long period of time.





PTP Bluetoning Technology

Bluetoning is a unique energy dispersion of 5:5, 6:4, 7:3 and 8:2 for the best toning results for each skin type and user preferences. The power control technology supports a true 15 Hz all the time without energy variation.

Convenient Electrical System

Iris electrical components come in a module type for faster servicing.

Iris Monitoring System

All Bluecore’s devices are monitored by a central monitoring system which allows the user to connect the device to WIFI for a remote monitoring. This unique program allows easy maintenance and immediate responses.

Technical Data

Device Name Iris
Laser Q-switched Nd : YAG
Beam Profile Super Hive Flat mode (top hat mode)
Mode 1064 532 SLP PTP Bluetoning
Max Energy [mJ] 1600/2000 500 2200~3000 1600/2000
Wavelength[nm] 1064 532 1064 1064
Pulse Width 5~10 ns 5~10 ns 300μs 5~10 ns
Spot[mm] /Repetition[Hz] 2~10 / 1~10 2~10 / 1~10 2~10 / 1~10 2~7/10~15 , 8~9/10~12 , 10/10
Display 10.2″ Wide panel and jog dial smart panel
Auto Management Ethernet, WIFI, WCDMA
Optional Part 7mm single collimated / 7*7 fractional handpiece (1064nm, 532nm)
Memory User programmable 8 memories to save and load parameters
Noise Level 50dbB (patent cooling system)
Spot Size Zoom handpiece (2~10mm)
Lamp Life Time 10,000,000 shot or more
Electrical Requirements 220~230VAC, 15A, 50Hz or 60Hz
Dimensions (mm) / Weight 295[W] * 740[L] * 973[H], 70kg